Travel & Food

I can never stay put in one place for so long. I figure there is a whole world outside of these 7100 islands. A restless voice within me aches for new adventures and life experiences.

Sometimes it’s the eternal longing for something else rather than my own mundane reality, other times its as shallow as wanting 1st world internet speed.

There are places I visit wherein I instantly feel a connection or an extreme uneasiness. An uneasiness that literally feels like a bad déjà vu or a connection to a past life. Some places make me instantly happy and put me in a good mood daily. Perhaps it’s the food or the people or maybe the nice weather. All in all, I can never stay put I feel like I probably led a nomadic life in the past. And as much as I complain about this country we live in, when I live abroad for more than 6 months I still long to be somewhere else. My soul cannot keep still in one place for too long.

When it comes to food, I find that it comforts me in a way nothing else in this world can. It warms me up when I’m cold, it makes me happy when I’m sad and makes feel like nothing else matters. Yes I love to eat. Some say people like certain food because of certain textures , for me it just tastes good. Plus it makes my soul  happy.