Fashion & Beauty

I have been in the fashion industry as far back as I can remember. As a child, I used to design outfits for my dolls and was truly fascinated how the mice put together Cinderella’s gown in the Disney animated film. As a teen I lugged a giant schoolbag of fashion magazines with my trusty yellow pad handing out designs for my friends and classmates.

I’ve done everything in fashion from designing clothes for local and imported labels to being an international buyer. I’ve done it all from picking up pins in the sample rooms of knock off houses in NYC to sitting as a luxury brand buyer in Paris and Milan. I’ve done luxury goods to mass market and discount store fashion. Frankly speaking, fashion is not as glamorous as everyone thinks, it’s exhausting, time consuming with fluctuating profit margins. Like my forever idol Yves St Laurent, when the passion stops it’s time to stop. Living in a third world takes its toll I cannot in all conscience think of creating beautiful clothes when I see so many people in need of the more basic necessities in life. Plus, I also feel everything in fashion has been done it’s just a recycle and upgrade of the past fashion era’s. St Laurent stopped designing because he felt he had nothing left to create.

Fashion is a cut throat business and you need to have the passion to stay in it. When I was younger I lived, and breathed the fashion industry. Now, as I matured I have other interests I would like to pursue.

On beauty- I love Make up and I practically grew up in the beauty salon every weekend. My dream is to have enough space in my miniscule abode for a shampoo bowl! I am constantly fascinated by makeup techniques, new products and technology that make every woman look her very best so watch out for all my new beauty finds.