My virtual reality…

Man hand delivering or giving parcel through torn white paper ba

Image by :K studio , Freepik.com (link below)

If I didn’t have to earn a living I think I would probably just stay home all the time. I mean who needs to go out you can get everything delivered to your doorstep from groceries to medicine. The web is just a one stop shop. You can pay your bills online, do video chats with friends. I would be the perfect candidate for a house arrest. Going out in this country not only getting dressed and looking presentable but dealing the traffic and a whole bunch of morons who cant drive.

Just this morning I was going through my usual route and a car was exiting an upward ramp from a building garage. The guy didn’t even pause or stop to check if a car was crossing I had to swerve and I almost hit this giant SUV. Staying on my line another car cut me without so much as a signal light. Everyone in the world who has been here knows the traffic situation is hell so why go through it if you can have everything delivered or done in the comfort of your home? Am I right?

Hell you can even book your dates online with all the dating apps. Technology can be both good and bad. I honestly think that’s why their is a high percentage of millenials that are so lonely. Everything is digital for them nobody talks face to face anymore. Even bullying is done online, remember screaming matches in school or someone screaming there’s a fight outside. Now its all online.

For someone like me who hates dealing with most people, correction most people who are morons. Doing things online is a God send just type and click. The thing is such as everything in life , we need balance so go see the people you care about in person don’t put them in your virtual reality to do list.

There are certain things I still prefer doing such as writing handwritten notes or letters when I can. Its just more personal rather than an email on your mobile phone.

One day Ill be old and geriatric and will not be able to step out at all hopefully the digital world will keep me company.

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<a href=”https://www.freepik.com/free-photos-vectors/gift”>Gift image created by Kstudio – Freepik.com</a>



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