Are k drama’s misogynistic ?

As an avid k drama fan , I notice that most of the fashion budget goes to the men and not the women. The men are always made to look gorgeous while the women are often mousy, helpless and weak. The women they choose for the protagonist is always mediocre looking while the antagonistic role often goes to the more glamorous woman.

Most dramas always depict the woman needing saving which makes them look pathetic. However, there are a few where the women are just strong and beautiful. most recently the drama Misty wherein the lead role depicted a a strong, intelligent , glamorous, ambitious woman. Rarely seen in most dramas where the women are so young and mousy.

Let’s face it most women who watch the dramas couldn’t care less because we are more focused on the good looking male lead. As we watch Gong Yoo, Park Seo Joon , Park hyun Sik and Lee Min-Ho do we really care what the leading lady looks like? Most of us don’t but I do notice there is no parity in looks. With the exception of Gianna Jun the lead actress of Legend of the blue sea and Kim Nam Joo the lead in Misty. Most of the women chosen seem like they don’t physically fit to play the role opposite the handsome lead actors.

Perhaps the networks really target the women or the Ahjumma market and if that’s the case they succeeded big time! It’s just that these are the little things I notice and sometimes I think we need more female roles like Misty where the female lead kicks ass and looks the part as well.

Since Korea is well known to be a patriarchal society what do you think ? Do women in their entertainment industry have to work twice as hard as the men? I really don’t know but I know what I see on screen.

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