travel & food

Grounded until November


My Love for travel is so intense I get depressed when I can’t leave. This year I have to swallow a bitter pill and handle a few responsibilities leaving me grounded until November. In the meantime, my mind wanders off to places I want to visit, food I want to taste, and shops I need to visit.

The Philippines where I currently live is a travel destination for people who like lush tropical islands, the blue ocean and nature so picturesque you wont have enough memory in your phone to take all the pictures. However, I am not into everything my country has to offer, I like cold weather, first wold amenities, hi speed wifi ( we have the slowest in the world ) and no traffic. The only other country I like that has the same weather is Thailand, their shopping and food make up for the heat and the ridiculous traffic. I must admit here we have the most beautiful beaches in the world all of which I would like to look at thru a big bay window in a climate controlled room no higher than 20 degrees centigrade. Or if I must be out in nature on a nice yacht sipping a nice cocktail. Fishing boats and canoes are not something I feel safe in. Plus only the cities have 5 star hotels. Once the luxury hotels get into an island spells the beginning of the end just look at Boracay. It used to be a pristine island until hordes of tourists destroyed the eco system.

Even Amanpulo Resort in Palawan was not a place for me. I just like cold weather. While I’m stuck here for a few months I try to keep my mind wandering as I read , watch or listen to stories, movies or music that will transport my vivid imagination to another place. So if any of you have any good books you can recommend or films you would like to share Id greatly appreciate it. After all I must stay sane until November!

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