This is what dining should be!


In the past six months in between adulting and all the crappy responsibilities I had to deal with I was able to sneak off to Hong Kong twice in a row and both times I was fortunate enough to eat in Tin Lung Heen the dim sum restaurant at the Ritz Carlton. The first time I went with my besties we opted to try the pricey Michelin degustation of the restaurant.


This is just the hallway to the bathroom which I absolutely love…


The food was worth every penny, they also give you a choice of premium chinese tea of to pair with the dim sum. My tea preference has always been puer tea it has a strong distinct taste with the caffeine jolt of coffee and is known to wash away all the fat off your meal. Now whether that’s true or not I have no clue I just like the taste. But aside from the Michelin star food. I must say the service was impeccable and our waitress Sofia was such a delight. All in all the service was on point, the food was worth every penny and the ambience was what you would expect from the Ritz Carlton. The only thing missing was a good-looking guy feeding me grapes one by one like the roman times if you know what I mean? This particular experience gets 5 star lazy girl points!



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