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Korean Beauty products,Kpop and Fried Chicken


My love for Korean Dramas and makeup brought me to Korea for the long weekend of Halloween. Before my trip I looked everything up on YouTube and really did my homework on where I would be staying and the surrounding area of the hotel. As you all know walking everywhere is not something I like doing unless I’m shopping in the comfort of a mall or 5th avenue in NYC. This post has been long overdue but the last 6 months have just been so overwhelming I can’t even begin to explain how I spent my time. After all every free minute is I have is catching up on my K drama obsession which now leads me to my love for Korean food. Although the whole Korean wave has started in the last decade. Korean food has always stood out on its on from korean bbq , fried chicken and their famous street food. Even before I got into my Korean dramas and kpop stuff, I always loved Korean bbq. I mean, who has a fave Korean bbq spot in Paris and NYC and isn’t a native Korean ? yup yup it’s moi!


Here is one of the chicken and beer places I tried in Myeongdong aptly named Chicken and Beer! Spicy crunchy chicken served with side dishes of well seasoned daikon radishes perfectly cute in bite sized cubes to fit within mouthfuls of chicken. Then they serve different kinds of draft beer that go so well with the chicken your high end sommelier will definitely approve.

For me Korea is about good food, great dramas , endless beauty products and kpop bands that never cease to amaze me. Yes I am a fan girl but its really hard to distinguish if its about the food or the rest.

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