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Nobu Eats and Treats

I was fortunate enough to be invited to a dinner at Nobu last night and the food was so good I almost had a food coma. I started off with a nice Martini and had some fabulous cold sake. We ordered an array of dishes that made me think, thank god I’m not hosting this. With a single piece of sushi costing 450 bucks I savored every bite, and it was soooo worth it.  We started off with some minced Toro sashimi topped with Caviar and a tiny melon ball. Then ordered some wagyu beef on a hot stone embedded on rock salt and teriyaki dipping sauce. My friend happily ordered some sake which tasted divine with our appetizers. I was so happy with the food I hardly remembered to take photos.


To be honest I just arrived from Japan on vacation and this is the best Japanese food I have tasted so far. Head on down to City of dreams play some cards or strike it rich on the baccarat table then splurge for a diner at NObu the degustation is around 5k with enough dishes to make you happy.IMG_5165

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