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New York


NYC is my mecca, I never tire of it. The very first time I went to NYC I was 16 yrs old , I was supposed to go to school somewhere in New Jersey but I kept running off to NYC. My very first experience in the city was taking the circle line tour. Some young guy I met wanted to show me around the city ,and he thought it would be nice to go around the statue of liberty. I was freezing but instead of falling in love with him I fell in love with the city. Every chance I got I would escape just to spend the day in the city until it got me grounded. Over 3 decades have passed and I still feel the same way.

I have my favorite places from hotels,stores, restaurants, food deliveries and habits in NYC. Im not going to be pretentious and talk about all the designer labels and expensive places. I do normal things , I love American Chinese food takeout when I’m too tired from shopping or scurrying about the city. General Tso’s special with hot and sour soup and an egg roll and Im a happy camper.


Then when I feel like splurging I do the Peter Luger thing but doesn’t everybody.


I can also be quite the tourist when I have a hankering for Red Lobster and their cheese bread.


These are my staples in NYC in between I get to go to nice trendy bars and restaurants like Clocktower with the cool bartender and the yummy sourdough bread.


Or try something new from The Meatball shop in Chelsea.


Traveling and eating what the locals eat is done best when you just make easy choices. There are also days when my inner foodie beckons but I’m too darn lazy to go if Im traveling alone so if your like me you need to find a local food buddy. You can sample more dishes because you can order more food. If it seems too much never be shy and ask for a doggie bag. Choose a hotel with a microwave in the room so you can heat up left overs in case you want a quick snack and you just want to stay in and read a good book.




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