This blog is mainly about my personal experiences and choices in travel, fashion, interior design. I will also share my reviews on a lazy girl’s favorite pastime : watching movies and bingeing on TV shows. Some of you may love it, some of you may hate it either way if your reading it then your either a fan or one of my supportive friends. I have a lot to say and I’m not afraid to say it ,some people find I have a sense of humor while others may think otherwise. Whatever the case may be I’m just having a bit of fun with my life after all life is hard enough why not have some fun?

I love traveling and seeking adventures, but my idea of camping is the Holiday Inn. I choose to travel in comfort, with minimal effort. If God meant us to walk all over the place he wouldn’t have invented cars and room service. I guess you could call me lazy as I never want to break a sweat unless I’m exercising to loose weight!

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